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Courses & Clinics

Specialising in both Single and Tandem Sea Kayaks

Here at Sea Kayak Salcombe we are fully aware of the importance of quality coaching and find it a pleasure to pass on the skills to you at whatever level you are.

With each person wanting different things from their coach it is vitally important that we discuss exactly what you or the group require before setting out, this simple and informal chat before the booking will lay out the all-important plan in your progression.

We have experienced that most people are not looking for a certificate as such but are instead looking to gain confidence in their paddling, saying that we do offer the British canoeing Star Awards for people looking to progress towards Commercial qualifications.

Sea Kayak Tasters (give it a go)

We understand that trying a new sport is always a little daunting if not exciting at the same time, this super popular 2 hour intro to sea kayaking is designed to boost your confidence and basic skills in paddling a Sea Kayak.

Tour duration 2 Hours
Topics Covered Getting comfortable in your kayak, forward and reversing, turning and basic safety techniques
Suitability 14yrs plus
What to Bring Footwear -old trainers-, Hats, Towel, Cameras -at own risk-, A sense of humour
Please Note We supply wetsuits, thermal tops, waterproof tops and Buoyancy Aids
Cost £40 per person

Progressive clinics, confidence and safety courses

We pride ourselves on our clinics here at Sea Kayak Salcombe, be it basic kayak safety, stroke techniques, rescues, or just needing an experienced eye observing you, we can accommodate you.

Tour duration 2 Hours
Suitability 14yrs plus
What to Bring Footwear -old trainers-, Hats, Towel, Cameras -at own risk-, A sense of humour
Please Note We supply wetsuits, thermal tops, waterproof tops and Buoyancy Aids
Cost £40 per person

Sea Kayaking, ‘Adventure Paddling’

Courses from beginners to intermediate paddlers covering in a very logical progression the skills required for Adventure paddling, 1 or 2 day courses available. Your progression with us is recorded so that we always know what to cover if you are returning to us.

Discover Sea Kayaking

This Two day course will introduce you to all the fundamentals of Sea Kayaking. Water confidence, boat handling skills, clothing and equipment, safety, weather and tides and plenty of time on the water will make sure your first experience in to the sport is informative and fun. Our Coaches will guide you through a few fundamental skills allowing you to develop good techniques from the minute you are on the water, all these skills are involved in journeys in and around Salcombe and its stunning coastline of South Devon.

Explore Sea Kayaking

This Two day course is for those looking to develop their paddling skills and to become more competent and independent paddler. This course will start to look at handling sea kayaks in slightly more progressive conditions. Over the two days we will introduce you to handling in wind and small swell, launching and recovery from beaches, Also introducing you to rock hopping and rescues. Basic seamanship will be covered along side basic navigation.

Rocks, Caves and Waves

Following on nicely from the Discover and Explore Sea Kayaking is our Rocks, Caves and Waves courses. These specific areas in Sea Kayaking are what we believe make you more independent and reliant on the water in a fun and action packed experience.
With our specialised fleet of kayaks for these courses you are going to experience what sea paddling has to offer on the south Devon coastline “its about the smiles, not the miles”.

Introduction to Rocks, Waves and Caves

Ability: suitable for ISKGA Level 1 or BC 2 star or equivalent.
Duration: 1-2 days
This course is perfect for introducing paddlers to the Rocks Waves and Caves. a gently progressive course teaching the fundamentals of paddling in groups around, in and over rocks, polishing your technique and honing yours skills as we go.

  • specific personal and boat safety equipment
  • intro to surfing kayaks
  • understanding the dynamics in and around rocks and surf
  • working on the specific strokes in this environment
  • intro to landing and launching on Rocks and Beaches
  • weather / surf reports / tidal considerations
  • float plans
  • rope work
  • environmental considerations
  • communication and signals

Intermediate, Rocks Waves and Caves

Ability: suitable for paddlers working towards ISKGA level 2 or BC 3 star, and advanced paddlers.
Duration: 1-2 days
This progressive course is aimed at paddlers wanting to find their flow in around and over the rocks in a challenging but ultimately rewarding course. we manage our time around honing our techniques and skills from feature to feature in the quest of finding your personal flow.

  • fundamentals of coasteering
  • boat control in the surf
  • group management, risk assessing
  • throw tow techniques
  • paddler and boat recoveries
  • boat repairs, first aid
  • feature dynamics and skills -Flow and Timing-
  • landing and launching in more dynamic conditions
  • float plans and safety protocols

Advanced, Rocks Waves and Caves

Ability: suitable for paddlers working towards ISKGA level 3 or BC 4 star and advanced paddlers.
You have probably by the time you have booked this course understood your flow in around and over the rocks, so the aim here is to make your paddling skills more solid so that bigger features can be tackled, a lot of this course is based around personal and group safety with the emphasis on rescues and group management.

  • group control
  • rescues and rope work within the features, rock based protection
  • visualisation of features
  • transitional zones, impact zones and safe zones
  • reading and future water
  • towing in more dynamic conditions
  • coasteering techniques
  • surf rescues

Moving Water

This course is aimed at introducing paddlers to moving water and gaining confidence in tidal conditions. we do use rivers as well for the experience of moving waters and the dynamics of back eddies and turbulent waters.

  • understanding tides and tidal currents
  • boat control in moving water
  • safety considerations of moving water
  • float plans
  • OS and chart work
  • Navigation
  • weather effects on moving water